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AgileBIS disrupts the way end users interact with security through delivering innovative security solutions.

In a world of increasing demand for intelligent, secure and accurate systems, AgileBIS AG was established as one of CPI International Group affiliate companies with focus on delivering end-to-end, intelligent, security solutions.

Our vision is to disrupt the way people perceive and interact with security systems through implementing innovative security solutions that put user experience first and help our clients keep pace with the rapidly changing consumer and market dynamics while gaining a competitive edge as well.

While our headquarter is located in lucerne - Switzerland, our teams of security experts, software engineers, data scientists operate in seven other countries through our affiliate offices and partners which enables us to deliver our security services to a wide spectrum of clients on a global basis.

What we do?

we help clients focus on their core business by taking cybersecurity threats out of the equation

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Made in Switzerland
Delivered to clients around the globe.

Esna Platform

Esna biometrics authentication platform

Esna is an artificial intelligent user authentication product and service that helps businesses minimize the effect of human error, improve clients’ privacy and secrecy and create a natural user experience for mobile apps, websites and phone systems.

Esna brings a unique, powerful and innovative solution to the complex authentication problem; it gives businesses that deal with critical customer information, a platform and a tool and a firewall that can be used to manage the authentication of users in a number of different ways, reduce the allover attack surface on clients accounts, taking in consideration user settings and device capabilities (through mobile, web application and IoT devices) and putting usability and user experience first.

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Seeburgstrasse 20, 6006 Meggen, Luzern, Switzerland

+(41) 41 500 4676 / 78

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